Christmas Kids
and the spirit of care

"Twas the month of Christmas and all Realtors were busy
Wrapping up contracts and mapping the city.
The home boys and girls knew their mission each season:
Provide presents for kids that were plenty and pleasing.
WPSL joined in the fun
Providing the waves on which Realtors would run.
On Debbi, On Annie, On Sharon and staff,
They round up the helpers, supporters and cash.
Like reindeers on rooftops they slid in and out
Of sponsoring offices who all cried "Watch out!"
"Here come the home girls, with a hit-list of places
On their mission for children to put glee in their faces"
Running on eggnog, the home girls did scatter
Never complaining that their own schedules mattered.
Cheerfully providing the children with toys
Was all that they needed for their Christmas joy.
A teddy for Ricky, a bike for Ramone
Susie gets Barbie and Sallie a phone.
Red velvet ribbons and wrapping of silver
Covered small and large boxes the home girls delivered.
As the children's eyes twinkled and
they played with their gifts,
Someone was smiling from a heavenly mist.
Proud of the home girls and the love they had shared
Showing that Christmas is the Spirit of Care --
Caring for others in their time of need,
Giving hope for all men is the best gift indeed.
Bless the home girls and all that they do
Setting examples for both me and you.

H2 * REAL ESTATE SOURCE * F/P * December 11, 2005




Historical Memories

6/14/99 WPSL Christmas Kids presented the Port St. Lucie City Council with a check for $3,500.  The money will go for the Parks & Recreation Dept. Summer Camp Program for Scholarships.


Joe and Betty Corso lead
the Christmas Kids' Radio
Show in song, as
community leaders like
Gary Cantrell,
Columbia/Lawnwood CEO,
share holiday memories
and generosity.

WPSL Christmas Kids

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Our thanks to the hardworking volunteers, and the generous

contributors who make it all possible!

For more information, or to contribute to the Christmas Kids,

contact:   WPSL Digital 1590,  772-340-1590